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Remixes of Thrones: Western cover [Repost]

To help those who might be going through some Game of Thrones withdrawal – and haven’t already seen this – we’ve got a great western inspired cover of the show’s…..

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Hotel Problems Solved for GenCon 2015?

We’re still trying to figure out what our chances for making GenCon are this year, but as usual, registration comes quickly after the holidays. For 2015, there’s a new hotel…..

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Elicser’s Monarch Park Murals

The awesome murals at the end of our street, created by artist Elicser working with StreetARToronto, were unveiled in November, but we haven’t had a chance to get some really good…..

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WDW: Toy Story Midway Mania! [Repost]

Because we like to stay at the park resorts and take advantage of things like Walt Disney’s transportation system, we had the opportunity to use the new Fastpass and finally…..

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Ontario Heritage Apothecary museum [Repost]

Originally in operation from 1820 until 1964 the Niagara on the Lake pharmacy was acquired by the Niagara Foundation after its closure who began preservation of the building as part…..

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5 Lessons I Learned from LARPing [Repost]

The five things I wished I’d known before getting into LARPing would probably be: 1. Engage. Whether it’s as the storyteller making sure that everyone coming out to your games…..

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Kusadasi: What’s in a Name? [Repost]

Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Kusadasi is a small seaside town whose permanent population of approximately 65’000 swells to over half a million in the summer when the resorts and…..