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Abridged history of Casablanca, Morocco

Derived from the Latinization of a Portuguese word combining the meanings for “White: Branca” and “House: Casa” – whose translation was used to confuse the Germans during World War II…..

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Where to Find Us at GenCon 2014

We’re headed to GenCon in less than a month — and though we’ll soon go over the things we’re looking forward to most at the four biggest days in gaming,…..

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Jiko – The Cooking Place Restaurant Review

Upfront, if you want the TL;DR version of this review? We’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge next Disney trip, just so we can eat at Jiko multiple times. (Okay, the animals…..

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Time-lapsed Boeing 737 Assembly Video

Ever wonder how an airplane is assembled? Here’s some great video (runs approximately 3 1/2 minutes) by Boeing Commercial Airplanes showing the production cycle of their 737 airliner NG series…..

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Birth of a Nation [Repost]

Happy Canada Day! This year is the 147th anniversary of the day that Canada became a nation. But how many of us really know the story behind how it came…..

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Abridged history of Niagara Falls tourism

While various accounts from Samuel de Champlain’s reported visit in 1604 during his exploration of Canada described in his journals, or the more credible claim that it was the Belgian…..