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Post Mortem with Scott Thompson

Came across this great series of shorts by Scott Thompson called Post Mortem where he interviews members of the Hannibal cast. While it tends towards being light and fun there…..

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The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry: Review

Following the tried and true approach of plunging directly into the action Steve Berry kicks off the third novel in the Cotton Malone series with our returned hero barely escaping…..

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Miami Luxury!

On one of the coldest nights in January, Gary and I visited a fun reception held by Miami and Beaches Tourism to check out what’s happening down in South Florida……

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How are World Heritage sites chosen?

The primary qualification for receiving the UNESCO World Heritage designation is that it must be “of outstanding universal value and meet at least one of ten selection criteria,” but is…..

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Niagara Falls: What’s in a Name?

As is usually the sort of case with these sorts of things, there are differing theories as to the origins of the name of the falls. Iroquoian scholar Bruce Trigger…..