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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Surprisingly this was another of those books that I somehow managed to not cross paths with while I was making my way through the Canadian education system. However when Nicole…..

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Siege of Malta (Circa 1565 CE) [Repost]

After their loss of Rhodes in 1522 CE to the Ottomans, the Order would spend seven years on the road in search of a permanent home. Travelling through the kingdoms…..

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Happy Year of the Fire Rooster! [Video]

Many of us are familiar with the Chinese zodiac and the animals on it that represent the twelve months of the year, but aside from the one for their own…..

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Ringling Brothers Circus Museum [Repost]

While we were down in Florida for Nicole’s 2014 birthday we visited with her parents and took the opportunity to make the drive up to Sarasota to check out the…..

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White Wolf’s Convention of Thorns [Photos]

Quickly making a name for themselves with “Blockbuster larps” known for their immersive style thanks to the elaborate costuming, lavish locations befitting the rich setting, and character backgrounds first done with their…..