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Welcome to the Urban Revolution [Review]

As a longtime resident of Toronto, it was heartening to see that despite all its problems, that the city has been attempting to innovate for some decades now, and while…..

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Remixes of Thrones [Repost]

One thing Gary and I don’t talk a lot about is taking ballroom dance – it’s not because we feel this is something embarrassing, but because we feel we suck……

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Game Design: Power of Music [Repost]

Over the years I’ve run tabletops and larger live action games in a variety of ways, and nothing yet has proven to have the same ability as music to propel…..

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Lessons learned from CBC D&D’s 3rd season

Now that we’ve completed our third annual spring dungeon crawl with the return to the remote dwarven community on the World’s Spine and their confrontation with the shadowdragon which they…..

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The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl [Review]

Set in a future ruled by advertising agencies and their corporate interests that have divided the world nation states into clients, whose citizens are to be monetized and influenced, Frederik…..

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The Riddle of the Sands [Review]

Perhaps one of the earliest examples of spy fiction, the Riddle of the Sands had a profound impact when it was published, stirring up early 20th century anxieties in Britain,…..