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Gaming in a Refugee’s Shoes [Repost]

SBS – a network in Australia – aired a three-day television “event” called ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’.  It followed “…six ordinary Australians who agree to challenge their…..

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Game Design: Island Theory [Repost]

Recently I started up a mini-series, and decided I’d share my tips on how best to tackle such. With most RPGs, and tabletops in particular, it’s very easy for one…..

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How to play a Wizard CoW-style [Repost]

By now we’re in the thick of it at the College of Wizardy’s weekend of live action roleplaying in a Polish castle that’s bringing people from around the world, and…..

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College of Wizardry feature video

Now only three days away from the College of Wizardry we wanted to share this Professor Miclariotic feature [found below and runs just over 10 1/2 minutes] that Cecilia Dolk…..

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What’s in a Name: Morocco

Perhaps one of our favorite countries to visit, the kingdom of Morocco is found along the northwest coast of Africa and is one of only three nations – along with…..

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The Black Corridor by Michael Moorcock [Review]

While this story was originally written in the late sixties, Michael Moorcock captures a society that has become increasingly alienated from one another, and prone to all manner of neuroses…..