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Nordic Larp Talks: Wizardry 101 [Video]

Great video posted a couple of months ago by Nordic Larp Talks about the power of scenography – that being the management of the play space as a vehicle for…..

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Birth of a Nation [Repost]

Happy Canada Day! This year is the 148th anniversary of the day that Canada became a nation. But how many of us really know the story behind how it came…..

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Epcot’s Dragon Legend Acrobats [Repost]

During our 2014 visit to Walt Disney World for Nicole’s birthday we were treated to this great acrobatic and contortion displays at the Reflections of China pavilion in Epcot’s World…..

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Enemies by Tim Weiner [Review]

From the Pulitzer Prize winner author that brought us the brilliant history of the CIA – Legacy of Ashes – Tim Weiner this time has decided to tackle the FBI…..

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Post Mortem: Hannibal’s Season Ahead (Season 3)

In anticipation of Hannibal’s return tomorrow we’ve already pointed you to the fun interview webseries Scott Thompson has been filming when he isn’t shooting his own scenes as our favourite…..