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‘Scandal’ Supercut: Fitz is in Charge [VIDEO]

Nicole watches ‘Scandal‘ and really dislikes Fitz, the President. He thinks he’s awesome and has a problem with reminding everyone he’s the president. Therefore, she made this supercut of Fitz…..

8 mins read

Five Lessons I Learned from LARPing

If there is perhaps five things I wished I’d knew before getting into LARPing it’d probably be the following: 1. Engage. Whether it’s as the storyteller making sure that everyone…..

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Five Lessons from GenCon 2014 [Photos]

While Gary’s more likely to do a proper GenCon wrap-up or review than Nic might – and we’ll have some reviews and our ‘ten years later’ report coming along soon…..

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Golem Arcana Interview: GenCon 2014 [Video]

During our visit to Gen Con we were able to land an interview with Harebrained Schemes Studios about their latest interactive offering Golem Arcana. Merging a miniatures board game with…..

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Sheraton Indianapolis City Center: Review

For this year’s Gen Con, we stayed in at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Center for the second time in six years, and we’re hoping to be back for 2015! The Sheraton…..

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Why I LARP: GenCon 2014 [Photos]

While at GenCon, we had the privilege of attending Grand Guignol Games’ Pacific Rim LARP as the Canadian Jaeger team (CHROME BRUTUS), and were excited to see an amazing setup for…..

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Game Design: Agile for running RPGs [Repost]

Typically you wouldn’t think a group of software development methods would have much to offer the running of roleplaying games (rpgs), but Agile in fact can do a lot for…..