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Illegal Alien by Robert J. Sawyer [Review]

At its heart Illegal Alien is a story about aliens arriving and pushing both sides to re-examine their beliefs about divine creation and debates over evolution while one of the…..

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Ringling Museum: Bayfront Gardens [Repost]

Rounding out the expansive grounds that are home to the Tibbals Learning Centre gallery, circus and art museums, not to mention the Ca’d’Zan mansion which had once been the Sarasota…..

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Cultivating humour in Sword & Sorcery gaming

Came across this recent posting from Fan Expo Canada 2015 from a panel comprised of some notable – and in all honesty – funniest writers currently producing Sword & Sorcery…..

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Upper Canada’s First University [Repost]

Situated on the grounds that surround Ontario’s legislative assembly building in the heart of the city, the University of Toronto (UofT) is a public research university that has been responsible…..

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UNESCO site: Istanbul, Turkey [Repost]

Once I was asked if Turkey would be considered part of Europe or Asia, and the answer I gave at the time was yes. In fact, the county sits amidst…..