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Abridged history of Casablanca, Morocco

Derived from the Latinization of a Portuguese word combining the meanings for “White: Branca” and “House: Casa” – whose translation was used to confuse the Germans during World War II…..

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Where to Find Us at GenCon 2014

We’re headed to GenCon in less than a month — and though we’ll soon go over the things we’re looking forward to most at the four biggest days in gaming,…..

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Jiko – The Cooking Place Restaurant Review

Upfront, if you want the TL;DR version of this review? We’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge next Disney trip, just so we can eat at Jiko multiple times. (Okay, the animals…..

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Time-lapsed Boeing 737 Assembly Video

Ever wonder how an airplane is assembled? Here’s some great video (runs approximately 3 1/2 minutes) by Boeing Commercial Airplanes showing the production cycle of their 737 airliner NG series…..

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Birth of a Nation [Repost]

Happy Canada Day! This year is the 147th anniversary of the day that Canada became a nation. But how many of us really know the story behind how it came…..