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Sites to see in Cagliari [Repost]

During our 2011 Mediterranean cruise our second port of call in Italy was the ancient port city of Cagliari, Sardinia. Like many of our stops tourism has become one of…..

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Monsieur Vuong Restaurant Review [Repost]

When we were discussing our trip to Berlin for Convention of Thorns, I asked Gary if there were any things we should plan for in our all-too-short trip. He said he…..

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Future of Cadiz [Repost]

Despite potentially being one of the longest continually populated cities in all of Europe, Cadiz within the last decade has faced a steady decline in population with some neighborhoods seeing…..

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UNESCO site: Socotra Archipelago [Repost]

Located approximately 150 miles east of the Horn of Africa and 240 miles south of the Arabian Peninsula, the four islands that comprise the archipelago have remained largely untouched despite…..

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Bigger On The Inside: V.A.B. [Repost]

One of the best parts of touring Kennedy Space Center at the #NASATweetup for Atlantis’ last launch was getting a look inside the VAB – the Vehicle (originally Vertical) Assembly…..

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Montreal Sites: Notre-Dame Basilica [Repost]

Cited as one of the most dramatic examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the world, the church is perhaps even more interesting for its unusualness. Instead of the traditional glass…..

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Chinese History in 3.5 Minutes [Repost]

Both Gary and I have taken courses where we had to memorize a LOT of Chinese history – and when we saw this video from Globe & Mail journalist Mark…..