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Toronto sites: CN Tower Turns Forty [Video]

June 26, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the CN Tower’s erection in Toronto. Perhaps the city’s – and maybe even the country’s – most iconic and photographed building, the…..

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Thank Nixon for Father’s Day [Repost]

Ever wonder where all of these holidays come from? I often do. So to that end I decided to look into the history of Father’s Day and learned as celebrations…..

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Interactive Map of the Brain [Repost]

Continuing in their long tradition of providing education by correspondence since the 1890s the somewhat newly rebranded Open Colleges has embraced the connectivity of the internet offering many of the…..

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Wizard and Glass by Stephen King [Review]

It’s been years since I’d read the third book in the Gunslinger’s series, having all but stepped away when it became evident that it would take some time before Stephen…..

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Fenian Raids: Toronto Connection [Repost]

150 years ago on this day the Fenian raids began, which were staged across border against British army forts, customs posts and other targets to pressure British withdrawal from Ireland…..

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Casa Loma Escape Room: Station M [Review]

Third in a series of Escape Rooms now available at Casa Loma, Station M catapults participants back in time to a Canada celebrating the end of WWII at the palatial…..