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Nordic Larp Talks: Wizardry 101 [Repost]

Great video posted last year Nordic Larp Talks about the power of scenography – that being the management of the play space as a vehicle for establishing the necessary suspension…..

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Niagara Falls: What’s in a Name? [Repost]

As is usually the sort of case with these sorts of things, there are differing theories as to the origins of the name of the falls. Iroquoian scholar Bruce Trigger…..

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Cadiz and the Napoleonic Wars [Repost]

Over the course of the eighteenth century Spain maintained relatively close ties with France, some Spanish monarchs even going so far as to emulate their Franco-allies culturally and politically, and…..

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2016 Niagara Icewine Festival [Video]

The start of the New Year is an especially busy time for the Niagara region as it anticipates the yearly Icewine festival. While the actual harvest date varies from year-to-year,…..

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Nassau, Bahamas video tour [Repost]

For my 2010 birthday we decided to take a short cruise out of a Miami. Having done a Bahamian cruise a few years earlier with Nicole’s parents, we decided on…..

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Photography 101: Using Your Flash [Repost]

Unless you normally wander around with two or three external flashes to balance your lighting, your more than likely just using whatever your camera came equipped with. While this does…..

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Photography 101: Portrait Photography [Repost]

There are a couple of approaches – or schools of thought – on the subject of how to approach shooting people, better known as Portrait (aka Street) photography. Taking pictures…..