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Life aboard Carnival’s Glory [Repost]

Having already talked a little about what the services and activities can be like aboard one of Carnival’s cruise ships, I thought I should talk a little about what the…..

8 minutes read

Istanbul was Constantinople [Repost]

While the more common founding of the Doric colony of Byzantium by the Greek city-state of Megara in 660 BCE is typically cited as the original establishment of Istanbul, recent…..

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Tips when visiting Las Vegas [Repost]

Here’s a special guest post from Kenny Chan, my partner on my last trip to Vegas, stylish traveller, and excellent tipper. Our trip was definitely made better by applying some…..

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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Surprisingly this was another of those books that I somehow managed to not cross paths with while I was making my way through the Canadian education system. However when Nicole…..

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Siege of Malta (Circa 1565 CE) [Repost]

After their loss of Rhodes in 1522 CE to the Ottomans, the Order would spend seven years on the road in search of a permanent home. Travelling through the kingdoms…..