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Post Mortem with Scott Thompson (Part 2)

With the return of Hannibal just over a week away – Thursday June 4th – it seemed like a good time to do another round of Scott Thompson’s webseries Post…..

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ibis Styles Hotel Berlin Mitte [Review]

In the week after College of Wizardry, we both got the larp plague, along with a good chunk of the cast. Unfortunately, that was also the week we were spending…..

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Lessons learned from CBC D&D’s 2nd season

Entering its third season the Dungeons and Dragons game I’ve been running for some of my colleagues at the CBC is still going strong with over ten players who regularly…..

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Modern founding of Mother’s Day

While celebrations of mothers and motherhood have occurred around the world for millennium, its more modern celebration that we are familiar with today began with its adoption in the United…..

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Time Left to Attend College of Wizardry!

Though we’ve returned with the Czocha Plague, and with somewhat less money than we started with, I don’t think either of us would trade our three days in Czocha Castle…..

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Gaming in a Refugee’s Shoes [Repost]

SBS – a network in Australia – aired a three-day television “event” called ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’.  It followed “…six ordinary Australians who agree to challenge their…..