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First in Aviation History! [Video]

The Snowbird Human-Powered Ornithopter was designed and constructed by a team of students from the University of Toronto. On August 2nd 2010 it sustained both altitude and airspeed for 19.3…..

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Search for a Starbucks @ the Rally

We arrived in Washington early Saturday morning to discover that enterprising Americans were already hard at work hawking everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers with Rally graphics plastered on them……

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

When Nic and I first heard that the Daily Show was going to stage it’s own rally in response to the one thrown earlier in August by Glen Beck, we…..

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Teatime at the Windsor Arms

For several years now, high tea has been one of my favourite indulgences. Any excuse to go has been a good one, whether it be a birthday or a long-overdue…..

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Abraxas: What’s in a Name?

In both my personal writing and the stuff I do in preparation for the roleplaying games I run, the meaning behind a name is often important. Wherever possible, I try…..

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Lupe Fiasco on Tavis Smiley [Video]

This interview with Lupe Fiasco on Tavis Smiley shows why both men are awesome – but Lupe in particular is a rarity in rap – none of the regular hip…..

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Protests draw thousands in Casablanca

Though we’ve had a definite interest in all the political change and immense courage continuing to be displayed in the Middle East, having friends in Morocco and having visited the…..