During our cruise we’d originally set out with a bit of a food theme, treating ourselves to a sitting at the chef’s table and a cooking lesson when we were in port at Cancun. Instead hurricane Paula rolled through, and we ended up getting diverted to Nassau. Ironically we’d opted for the original set of destinations, not seeing Nassau having much more to offer than the spectacle that’s Atlantis.

Unfortunately shore excursions are typically pricey, and Atlantis maybe even more so. If you were staying for an extended stay, then maybe it’d be worth dropping the money for a day pass and distracting yourself with the myriad attractions – the waterslide through the middle of a shark tank is an especially nice touch – but given the time at port is almost always short, we instead opted to wander around and take a look at Nassau.

Having read about the Queen’s Staircase and armed with a general sense of where it was, we wandered out into the city. Nassau is a vibrant, and friendly city, but with a recent fire in the downtown area, it was clear some people were struggling. One such individual guided us up to the staircase while giving us a brief overview of its history – later verified by the awesome tour guide at the nearby fort.

Between the years of 1793 & 1794 slaves on the island carved 65 steps out of the limestone to an impressive 102 feet height, to honour Queen Victoria’s 65 year long reign. Interestingly though, the Queen’s reign at the time of unveiling was only 63 years long – they apparently rounded up as that seemed like a nicer number to celebrate – and since the repair is now only 64 steps high.