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Niagara Falls sites: The New Clifton Hill

Between my family visiting from Wales, and us returning a few weeks later for Nic’s birthday, we had the chance to really try and take the new Niagara Falls in……

2 minutes read

Future of LARPing

Among the various games I’ve run, my Flesh & Blood LARP – Live Action Role Play for the uninitiated – has to have been one of my all time best……

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Though it seems like a recent phenomenon, the popularity of zombies in North American and European Folklore dates back to the 19th Century. Originally a Haitian Creole/North Mbundu term used…..

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Safety of Airport scanners still in question

Because I know Nic hates the things, I thought I’d write about the recent round of questions being raised regarding the safety of the Full-body Scanners currently utilized at select…..

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Learning to shoot in Gormley, Ontario

Since graduating four years ago and finally moving into a job better suited toward getting me on an actual career path, I’ve decided to work at becoming a better writer……

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#WanderingWed: Isla Mujeres

Natalie – @nearafar on Twitter – is asking a travel question every Wednesday, and this week was ‘What’s your favourite island?’.  Gary and I visited Isla Mujeres with my Dad…..

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Jane’s Walk Toronto 2011: Our Picks

This weekend, people will be leading walks around the world to remember urban thinker, writer and activist Jane Jacobs, who championed the interests of local residents and pedestrians over a…..

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3 Cinco de Mayo spots in Toronto

Though Toronto is known for having some of the best food from any country around the world, we’re pretty sadly lacking in the Mexican department – there’s Tex-Mex (i.e.: the…..