Nicole gets a hug from a Bunny Taken during her birthday in April 2011.

Nicole gets a hug from a Bunny

Between my family visiting from Wales, and us returning a few weeks later for Nic’s birthday, we had the chance to really try and take the new Niagara Falls in. And meet the occasional bunny along the way.

Old Clifton Hill

The last time we’d been there had almost been ten years ago and Clifton Hill – aside from the Falls and the casinos the only other thing to do – had a lot more of a Midway feel to it with all manner of fairground games and wax museums scattered up the street. As our friend pointed out, everything along the Hill has been Branded. Now it feels more like the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Clifton Hill post Branding

Though the Sky Wheel is a nice addition – and for $10 bucks per person not a bad deal given the great vantage you get of the Falls and the surrounding attractions as it takes you up 175 feet – and in Nicole’s case letting her face one of her fears as part of a new birthday resolution.

Nicole challenges one of her fears!

Hopefully we’ll be able to put something coherent together from the video we have of us up in the gondola.

Success yet to be determined.