1 minute read

Photography 101: Exposure

Ever wonder why some of your pictures looked a little washed out. Black jeans look a little closer to grey. Or snow which ends up looking dirty. That in fact…..

1 minute read

Photography 101: Composition

Composition has to be one of the few things that stuck with me from high school, and is now a pretty easy thing for most people to implement. The majority…..

2 minutes read

Riad Magi and a Rekindled Appreciation

With the likelihood of us being able to swing by Morocco for a few days after our cruise in November, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about our…..

3 minutes read

Photography 101: Motion

When I was a younger – despite anything else I might have to say about being there – I was privileged to attend a high school that funded a pretty…..

1 minute read

Universal translator? Well, sorta… [Video]

Looks like the science fiction of Star Trek has come one step closer to becoming fact, with Quest Visual’s announcement of their new augmented reality app Word Lens, which is…..

3 minutes read

Direct Air Sucks, But it’s Cheap: Review

When I said of Direct Air, ‘It sucks, but it’s cheap’, someone on Twitter said that could be their tagline.  Instead, their tagline is ‘When time matters, go Direct’, which… …..