Ever wonder why some of your pictures looked a little washed out. Black jeans look a little closer to grey. Or snow which ends up looking dirty.

That in fact is a good sign.

Your camera is doing its job. The problem is that job is getting as close to middle grey as possible.

In dark lighting situations, where the subject matter is also dark, your camera ends up taking underexposed pictures.

In situations where the lighting is bright, and your subject material white, the camera as you’ve guessed ends up taking an overexposed picture.

Thankfully it’s a pretty easy thing to try and compensate for.

In the situation where everything is dark you want to lower the exposure. In your camera’s menu the command should look like a positive sign over a negative sign. The opposite is of course true for bright situations.

Of course it’s going to take a little experimentation before you figure out the optimal settings for the lighting you tend to take your pictures in.

So get out there and shoot!