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“Do no harm…”

Recently I talked about how the U.S. Air Force had been using biblical scripture as moral justification in the training of their airmen who man the American nuclear arsenal. And…..

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What Makes #NASATweetup So Successful

I did a little rundown of #NASATweetup at work to let people know (in general terms) what I thought NASA did that made these events so successful.  Since I haven’t…..

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The History of Justifying War

Since leaving school I’ve tried to keep abreast of my studies and as such read a variety of blogs and publications doing so. Recently this has resulted in coming across…..

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Marrakech Sites: Koutoubia Mosque

In a guest post we did for Maroc Mama Nic talked about our trip up to the city of Ifrane in the northern mountains of Morocco. While there we had…..

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#NASATweetup: News, Blogs and Video

Before I say anything, I have to offer a huge thank you to NASA, Stephanie Schierholz and her team for bringing SpaceTweeps to their workplaces over and over, offering us…..

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Not Just Invisibility Cloaks…

I’d known for a while that they had been working on invisibility cloaks, and that they’d already made some breakthroughs being able to hide objects from specific microwave frequencies. But…..

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Photography 101: Four Final tips

If you’re working with digital shoot a lot. You don’t really have more to worry about than getting some extra batteries – which are pretty cheap if you look around…..

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Discovering El Rey (Las Ruinas del Rey)

Given the tendency of societies to build upon previous settlements, older cities have a great wealth of history and can reach much further in the past than we might even…..

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Preserving the Past

Despite its designation as a UNESCO Heritage site, Volubilis has seen little effort made in preserving the beautiful mosaics that lie scattered throughout the ruins. Roman household decorations that despite…..