Recently I talked about how the U.S. Air Force had been using biblical scripture as moral justification in the training of their airmen who man the American nuclear arsenal.

And while I can happily say that since the publication of the article which revealed this program, that the Air Force has withdrawn the material, I instead wanted to highlight a recent decision by the U.S. Military to educate their forces about the impact of their actions abroad – specifically in regards to the international sex trade and the workers who find themselves forced into it – and that punishments will be met out for violation of their directive against any fraternization with these services.

Certainly it will take some time to see full implementation, but this policy should still be see as an important indication of the new direction the Pentagon is taking and them modernizing their practices in acknowledgement of the impact their presence can have despite whatever their stated intentions might be.

For more details on the discussion visit My Wingman Diana and her interview on Fox regarding the decision.

Like her, I’m happy to see the U.S. Military act responsibly and move to teach their soldiers to act in a similar manner.