I’d known for a while that they had been working on invisibility cloaks, and that they’d already made some breakthroughs being able to hide objects from specific microwave frequencies.

But not only have they been able to expand that technology in recent years so the cloaks work in visible light, sound, and even ocean waves, but they now think they can take it a step further and hide an object/event from time itself.

Because their work already relies upon distorting electromagnetic fields to steer light around a volume of space, rendering anything within that region invisible, Morti Fridman and his team at Cornell University in Ithaca have seized upon the duality that exists between space and time within electromagnetic theory to engineer a lens that would instead focus in time.

Such affects of this “time-lens” are the magnification or compression of time which is an important requirement for being able to create a short gap – or hole if you will – in time where the event remains unrecorded.

Currently however their device can only function for 110 nanoseconds, and with available technologies a duration of 120 microseconds is the best they think they can achieve. But given the technological advancement curve it’s very likely they’ll be able to push even this threshold to a much longer period.