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Study finds spoilers don’t diminish enjoyment

Understandably you’d think there’s something to the suspense of not knowing the outcome of a story. And often getting “spoiled” ruins the suspense you might have otherwise enjoyed. However despite…..

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The Burning of Washington, D.C.

Nic will probably be one of the first to tell you that I often complain about how little seems to happen in Canada’s history – making for some very boring…..

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Hemingway’s cats and the Keys

Seeing as our cruise is only a couple of months away, I thought I would revisit our last cruise, and our first port of call: Key West. Claimed in 1822…..

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Marrakech Sites: Saadian Tombs

The Saadian Tombs date back to the time of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603 CE) but weren’t actually discovered until 1917. And as you walk the grounds you can see the…..

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Locations of Thrones: Malta (Part 1)

Game of Thrones wrapped up its first season with blood, fire and dragons – and as we book-readers know winter might be coming, but you have to wait a little…..

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Next Gen. Computers on the Horizon

During my studies at the University of Toronto I had the opportunity to visit one of the physics labs where our school was working on producing a computer that transmitted…..