4 minutes read

Moroccan History: the Saadian Dynasty

While the quick approach of November means we’ll soon be off for our cruise and a short stay in Morocco, we sadly will not be able to make it down…..

1 minute read

Gamers for the win!

Gamers aren’t just playing games any more. Now we’re solving scientific problems. Online gamers have been brought together and in a surprisingly short period of time – three weeks –…..

8 minutes read

History of el Bahia Palace [Photo tour]

Drawing upon Morocco’s top artisans, Grand Vizier Si Mossa had them work on the palace for fourteen years. Boasting floor to ceiling decorations, el Bahia palace was originally constructed in…..

1 minute read

Viral marketing takes a whole new meaning

Because it went up in Toronto – and frankly because it’s kinda cool – I thought I’d put up a quick post about a new brand of marketing utilizing a…..

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The Queen visits for Canada Day

Every year we end up debating where to spend our Canada Day. But as some of our relatives live out by Ottawa, the capital often tops the list. There certainly…..

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Canadian solution to Libyan intelligence needs

The New York Times recently reported on how the Libyan rebels facing an intelligence deficit, turned to the internet for a solution, and discovered Aeryon Labs based out of Waterloo,…..

2 minutes read

Evolution of cyber-security

Many of us who work for the private sector or the government are by this point well acquainted with officially issued technology being the only thing you’re authorized to access…..