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Our thanks to Esans Hotel

Home safe, and sound. Despite some touch and go with me being ill for the last two days in Morocco, we were able to safely make our way home –…..

2 minutes read

Safe in Lisbon at Portugalia!

With so many ports of call – and being on the high seas – it’s been difficult to keep you all updated every step of the way. But now that…..

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Cruising Ephesus & Athens

Yesterday, we enjoyed a relatively slow day at sea after a whirlwind tour of ruins at Ephesus and in Athens.  We say ‘relatively’ because we spent part of our day…..

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Welcome Aboard Vision!

As we type, we are sailing along, maybe 100 miles off the coast of Turkey, having left Istanbul about two hours ago.  We only had the morning on our last…..

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We Are In Istanbul!

We are in Istanbul!  After over 5000 km and two flights, we’ve made it. Our hotel, the Esans Hotel – picked by my mom – is lovely.  The terrace is…..