We are in Istanbul!  After over 5000 km and two flights, we’ve made it.

Our hotel, the Esans Hotel – picked by my mom – is lovely.  The terrace is gorgeous and the room is really lovely.  I wish we had more days to spend in it.

I’ve had more than a few stares for the hair, but as many compliments and quite a few offers of tea – but it’s hard to tell if they’re wanting us to buy, hitting on me, or being sincere.  But, being open-minded, we took someone up on the offer and had a good time chatting and out to dinner with Bulent from Lamb Leather in Sultanahmet.

I’ve been scrubbed to glowy and clean in a hammam and we’ve drank raki and stuffed ourselves with mezes.  Tomorrow, we board our ship, but we’re looking forward to squeezing in more of Istanbul.  For now, here’s a few shots to tide you over till we get more wi-fi!