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Ancient ruins: Efes (Ephesus), Kusadasi

After a few days in Istanbul, we started out our cruise with the first port of call in Kusadasi, Turkey. We’d been looking forward to this stop having read about…..

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Holodecks here we come! [Video]

Okay, maybe not exactly. But lifeClipper3 by Swiss design research Jan Torpus brings us one step closer. Through the Institute for Research in Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland, he…..

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Flying out of Niagara Falls Airport [Repost]

In our ongoing efforts to get places in the cheapest way possible, we went down to Florida in February via Niagara Falls (US) International Airport.  Not a lot of people…..

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Ayasofya Muzesi (Hagia Sophia Museum)

Constructed between 532 and 537 CE by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, the Hagia Sophia – from the Greek meaning “Church of the Holy Wisdom of God” – for over 900…..

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Our thanks to Riad les Idrissides

The Riad les Idrissides staff are kind and wonderful. Hadija, the manager, made us feel at home immediately and agreed to all requests with a genuine ‘avec plasir.’ Gary was…..