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Location of Thrones: Mdina, Malta

Previously we’d written a little about the various sites being used as shooting locations across the small archipelago state for the HBO Game of Thrones production, and now that we’ve…..

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UNESCO World Heritage Site: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Literally meaning ‘underground’ in Greek, the Hypogeum of Paola, Malta, is a subterranean temple dating back to the Saflieni period of Maltese prehistory (ca. 3600 BCE). Originally thought to be…..

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UNESCO World Heritage Site: Valletta, Malta

Named for Jean Parisot de la Valetta who led the successful defense of the island from an Ottoman invasion in 1565 CE, the official name given by the Hospitaller’s was…..

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Athens sites: The Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Olympieion is the ruins of a colossal temple at the centre of Athens that was built over the course of centuries. Dedicated to Zeus, construction began in the sixth…..

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World’s oldest cities: Athens, Greece

With a recorded history dating back to 1100 BCE, Athens joins a handful of cities capable of boasting such a long uninterrupted habitation. The largest of Greece’s cities – and…..

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The World’s Best Ethical Destinations?

Interested in supporting sustainable and societal development with your travel dollar? You can get some ideas from The Ethical Traveler.  They recently released their top 10 ethical destinations among developing…..

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UNESCO site: Acropolis of Athens

Probably the most iconic and best known of the acropoleis scattered across Greece, the Acropolis of Athens has a rightly deserved place upon the World Heritage list. the Parthenon or…..

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Ayasofya Muzesi’s history as a church

The Hagia Sophia is actually the third of three churches that have been built since the first “Great Church” was inaugurated on February 15, 360 CE by Emperor Constantius II……