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World’s oldest cities: Malaga, Spain

With over half a million people still calling Malaga home, its population not only makes it the sixth largest city in Spain, and the largest southernmost city of Europe, but…..

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Yerebatan Sarnici: What’s in a Name?

Originally constructed between the 3rd and 4th centuries of the Early Roman Age as a commercial, legal, and artistic centre, the Basilica derives its name from the large public square…..

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UNESCO site: The Red Fortress [Photo tour]

In what now seems like an intended tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, instead of simply a Mediterranean cruise we were tagging along on, we managed to coordinate a trip…..

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#GameofThrones Hits the Runway

For this New York Fashion Week, Nicole and Michael Colovos brought a Fall Winter Collection to the runway for Helmut Lange that was inspired by HBO series Game of Thrones. Apparently…..

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Cagliari, Italy and some amazing pizza!

An ancient port city that has known a history of invasion – Greeks, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Genoese, and even the Spanish – thanks to its position on the southern end…..

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Visiting Messina, Sicily

Located near the northeastern corner of Sicily by the Strait of Messina, the fourth port of call during our cruise upon the Vision of the Seas was the port town…..

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8-bit inspired Breaking Bad RPG [Video]

See more at CollegeHumor Thanks to College Humor for bringing us yet another great TV inspired 8-bit RPG. Still working our way through Breaking Bad, but have to say it’s…..

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Istanbul Sites: Sultanahmet Camii – Part 2

The design of this mosque must be accredited to the culmination of over two centuries worth of Ottoman mosque and Byzantine church architecture. Merging elements from the neighboring Hagia Sophia…..

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#CBCPornTitles: From Fail to Win

#cbcporntitles trend has made my day. And has made me rethink each and every CBC show I’ve ever seen. — Francisca (@IscaLala) February 4, 2012 For the last two days,…..