I’m often asked why I cruise, and one of the top reasons I almost always give is the food. Pretty much anything you order in the main dinning room is going to be great, and leaves you thinking about what you’ll be having the next night. And so long as you don’t do anything more than a ten day cruise, you’re also unlikely to see much repetition in the dinning menu. On all the cruises we’ve been on, they’ve all done a great job trying to keep the dishes varied, while offering a sampling of the local cuisine, and a respectable range of vegetarian choices.

So if you’re like us, and will always opt for the main dining room over the buffet, as a guy there’s the dilemma of how to handle the formal night. This last trip I was lucky to have found some great instructional videos on YouTube that show the best ways to pack a suit jacket and have it come out mostly wrinkle free. If you’re planning on travelling lightly, this isn’t as good an option, so instead you might want to consider the tuxedo rentals available onboard as you get the rental for the duration of the cruise.

Also, if you’re like us, when you get back from your trip you find you have more pictures of the things you saw, rather than you there. The lines have taken this into account, and pretty much at every port of call and accompanying many of the line coordinated shore excursions, not to mention all of the formal and semi-formal nights, photographers are on hand to capture these moments for you – another reason why the tuxedo might be a good idea.

While the port of call pictures often entail a poor crewman getting dress up in a ridiculous costume, the evening pictures are usually done in batches of four of five different shots, and have four or five bays set up, so your bound to end up with something you will like.