10 minutes read

Disney World: Frontierland & Liberty Square

Home to cowboys and Indians, pioneers and gold rushes, Frontierland is where guests go to visit the 19th century American Old West. Premiering with the opening of the Magic Kingdom…..

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Robot fish to patrol our oceans? [Video]

Presently the process for analysis and detection of pollutants in seawater can take up to weeks as a sample must be collected and then transported back to land for examination……

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St. John’s ghost story [Photo tour]

With a history that stretches millennium, it’s unsurprising that the Maltese have accumulated a number of ghost stories. Fort St. Angelo and the Grand Masters’ Palace both have ladies who…..

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Disney World: Adventureland [Photo tour]

Like each of the different themed lands in the park, Adventureland is meant to transport you to another time and place. While the location may differ from park-to-park, each draws…..

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Ephesus and the Roman Empire [Photo tour]

Incorporation of Ephesus into the Roman Republic proved tumultuous as taxes rose and the treasures of the city were systematically plundered – a practice that would contribute to the Vespers…..

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Disney World: Mainstreet U.S.A [Photo tour]

When you first pass through the gates at Disney World you’re transported through time to early-twentieth small-town American featuring influences from across the country. And while this area is largely…..

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Cadiz and the Age of Exploration [Photo tour]

Today the Spanish navy calls Cadiz home, but over its long existence, this ancient port city has offered safe harbor to numerous fleets. Perhaps the most exciting period of its…..