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The decline of Ephesus [Photo tour]

After the destruction caused by the Goths in 263 CE the city lay in ruin for over a hundred years. Not until the reign of emperor Constantine I in 395…..

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Disney World: Tomorrowland [Photo tour]

Themed to be an intergalactic city of the future as envisioned during the 1950s, rockets and aliens play a big roll in the attractions found throughout this area. However, also…..

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The Knights of Malta: Order of Hospitallers

Also known as the Knights Hospitaller, or simply the Hospitallers, the Order can originally trace its roots back as an offshoot of a Benedictine hospital established by Italian merchants in…..

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Disney World: Fantasyland [Video]

Of all the lands in the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland seemed to be undergoing one of the largest expansion in it’s history, with 2013 to see the area nearly doubled in…..

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What is the World Heritage program?

During our Mediterranean cruise we inadvertently ended up doing a tour of a number of World Heritage sites. And having written about those locations and the efforts taken by their…..