2 minutes read

Fantasyland: It’s a Small World

Having been on a bit of a “classic” Disney tour of the Magic Kingdom when we were there for Nicole’s birthday we of course had to stop at It’s a…..

1 minute read

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

For whatever reason the more popular a series becomes the less editing seems to occur. This often means the length of the books increase by hundreds of pages, and that…..

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Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition [Video]

While we were in Montreal for Curiosity’s landing we discovered the Montreal Science Centre was not only very close to our hotel, but that it was also hosting the world…..

1 minute read

Cadiz sites: Carcel Real fashion exhibit

A great example of early neoclassical architecture, the city of Cadiz decided to construct the royal prison in 1792 when it became apparent that the original one had become rundown…..

6 minutes read

Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort

As we’ve written about before, we spent my birthday this year at Walt Disney World, and we really enjoyed it – enough to consider a return trip in the near future!…..

2 minutes read

UNESCO Site: Jeronimos Monastery

Thanks to a Portuguese couple we met during our 2011 Mediterranean cruise, we were able to visit yet another UNESCO site as we went through a whirlwind tour of Lisbon…..