For whatever reason the more popular a series becomes the less editing seems to occur. This often means the length of the books increase by hundreds of pages, and that the number of grammatical errors which slip through become much more apparent. While my present investment in the story meant I was prepared to plod through over nine hundred and fifty pages, I was however surprised – and even a little disappointed – that some characters only ended up with only one or two chapters, while others yet have been absent for books, and hosts of new characters are introduced. Not to mention the jarring introduction of new vocabulary in characters who have never spoken that way prior, and the increased amount of sadism and rape that didn’t seem as prevalent in the earlier books. I did however like the split perspective between events in Westeros and those happening in Meereen, but feel like there were times when nothing really seemed to be happening, and could otherwise been omitted. Paring back the book to its essentials might have helped keep it more on track, and not allowed to meander around as much as it seemed to.