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Sites to see in Cagliari [Photo tour]

During our 2011 Mediterranean cruise our second port of call in Italy was the ancient port city of Cagliari, Sardinia. Like many of our stops tourism has become one of…..

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Disney Hollywood Studios Echo Lake

The lagoon which was originally incorporated into the Studios design to form one of the ears in the enormous Hidden Mickey that the park was initially intended to resemble, is…..

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World’s oldest cities: Lisbon, Portugal

The largest city in Portugal with a population of over three million residents, representing almost one-third of country, Lisbon is not only the eleventh most populous urban area in the…..

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World’s First: Multiplex theatre [Photo tour]

Until its demolition in 2003 the Uptown Theatre was a historic movie theatre located steps from the city’s central intersection of Yonge and Bloor. While the main entrance was located…..

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Montreal Sites: Notre-Dame Basilica

Cited as one of the most dramatic examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the world, the church is perhaps even more interesting for its unusualness. Instead of the traditional glass…..

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NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover: Update

While all the focus in recent months has been upon the Mars Curiosity Rover, another of NASA’s creations has reached a milestone as we enter the New Year and the…..

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Amazing Anime Tokyo Disneyland Ad

I’ve been getting back into my Japanese groove a little in the last week or so – I spent much of my time at York University very interested in the…..

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Lisbon Sites: Objectos Cinematicos

While we were visiting Lisbon after our time aboard the Vision of the Seas, the couple we met on the cruise offered to take us around to see the must-see…..

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WDW Studios Hollywood Boulevard

Designed on the same principle as Main Street U.S.A the Hollywood Boulevard serves as the park’s main entrance lined with 1930s and ‘40s inspired venues selling Disney merchandise and food……