While we were visiting Lisbon after our time aboard the Vision of the Seas, the couple we met on the cruise offered to take us around to see the must-see sites that everyone should try and see when they’re visiting Lisbon. As a result we got to visit the Ler Devagar Bookshopliterally translated as Slow Readinghome to not only books ranging every imaginable topic, but the Objectos Cinematicos exhibition found on the upper level of the bookstore. Created by their resident inventor Pietro Proserpio who not only invents the pieces on display in the store and the stories which accompany them, but also their resident curator for one of the few surviving printing presses used by the Processo Revolucionario Em Curso (PREC) in the aftermath of their 1974 Carnation Revolution which toppled the ruling dictatorship and brought an end to the wars being waged in the empire’s colonies. Located in the LX Factory, former industrial neighborhood used in the fabric and textiles manufacture, found at Rua Rodrigues de Faria, in the heart of the Alcantara civil parish. If you’re able to make it, the exhibition really is a treat, and the curator Pietro an awesome storyteller. We regretted not thinking to take any video. Here’s a couple of shots that we managed to catch, but doesn’t really do the exhibit justice.