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Disney Hollywood Studios: Jedi Academy

For Gary’s 2012 birthday we decided to return to Disney World and take in some of the parks we weren’t able to visit when we were there earlier that year…..

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The Alhambra: Nasrid Dynasty palace

While the fortress was originally built in the ninth century by Sawwar ben Hamdun during the fighting between Muslims and the Muladies, the building was in poor repair thanks to…..

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The founding of Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s history as a human settlement dates back to the Neolithic period when the region was inhabited by Pre-Celtic tribes who built all manner of religious and funerary monuments in…..

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Old Montreal’s decline and rebirth

While the early twentieth century looked promising for Old Montreal as the financial, judicial, and municipal activities in the district helped growth continue the unfortunate onset of the 1929 Great…..

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History of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building

Despite its closure in 2011 the Vehicle Assembly Building (or VAB) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre still holds the distinction of being one of the largest single story buildings in…..