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Must-see districts of Lisbon, Portugal

Oldest of the districts, Alfama spreads up the side of the southern slope from the Tagus River to the Castle of Sao Jorge at its top in a series of…..

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Crunching the numbers at CERN [Video]

While tentative confirmation of the Higgs Boson particle was made on March 14, 2013 after a previously unknown particle with a mass between 125 and 127 electronvolts was discovered back…..

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Birthdays @ Disney World redux

Now that we’ve both been down to Disney World for our respective birthdays I thought I would revisit a post Nicole had made about hers and do a little comparison…..

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Best Gambling Tip for Cruises [Repost]

If you get to talking about travel with Gary and I together (or likely apart), you’ll quickly notice two things: we like to gamble, and we’re kind of into cruises…..

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Toronto on the Move [Video]

Came across this great time-lapse video shot by Javin Lau that illustrates how Toronto always seems to be on the move despite what the weather might be doing. The footage…..

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Cruise Ships In Trouble [Video]

As you know, we’ve cruised a few times, and covered it here, and though we’ve cruised the now-somewhat-beleaguered Carnival Cruise Lines, we had no issues during our short trip. In…..