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In honour of Gary Gygax Day [Video]

Commemorating the birth of modern roleplay gaming and its “father,” July 27th is unofficially recognized by the roleplay gaming community as Gary Gygax Day. Known as the father of Dungeons…..

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Why Can’t I Stay Put? [Repost]

My dad can’t stop laughing at me these days, and it’s partially because every time I talk to him, I have a new plan to go somewhere.  This is fairly…..

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Best slots tip I’ve ever heard [Repost]

As you’ve already heard we both like to gamble. For Nic, it’s the tables; specifically roulette. And she’s good at it. We have certainly lost a lot of money, but…..

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Location of Thrones: History of Mdina

Originally inhabited by the Phoenicians the city of Mdina called Maleth at the time was probably first fortified during their rule around 700 BCE thanks to its strategic location on…..

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World’s first human-powered helicopter

The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter was designed and constructed by the University of Toronto AeroVelo’s alumni team and on June 13th 2013 it sustained sufficient altitude of 3.3 metres remaining aloft…..

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Lisbon, Portugal’s Jewish history

The history of Lisbon’s Jewish community traces itself back to Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in the sixth century BCE and if the legends are true perhaps as far back as King Solomon’s…..

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WDW Studios Animation Courtyard

Originally the starting point for tours of the park’s production studios – the entrance marked by the square “studio arch” – the Animation Courtyard has become home to a number…..