Commemorating the birth of modern roleplay gaming and its “father,” July 27th is unofficially recognized by the roleplay gaming community as Gary Gygax Day. Known as the father of Dungeons & Dragon (D&D), this American writer turned game designer was a pioneer in the field who was first introduced to the idea through traditional tabletop wargaming, but would revolutionize tabletop gaming and even found Gen Con (1968), one of the largest gaming conventions in North America. Expanding upon these he would go on to develop D&D throughout the ‘70s producing not only the gaming books we’re now familiar with but the corresponding Dragon magazine published to help advertise the game and provide Dungeon Masters modules to help run particular scenarios and storylines. After leaving TSR Inc. in 1985, the company he originally started with a childhood friend, Gygax would continue to independently develop games for the following twenty years before his death in 2008.

Below is a fun little video from Nick over at Slacktory who tries to get Apple’s Siri to run D&D for him. Enjoy!