With stories of the NSA surveillance program making the news those interested in finding out about its origins and how the expanding Intelligence-Industrial complex has built the surveillance state we’re familiar with today should give Tim Shorrock’s ‘Spies for Hire’ a read. Tracing the history of this relationship through the middle of the 1980s when more than just a handful of companies were dabbling in government intelligence contracts to the enormous push for privatization in the wake of 9/11, the author does a phenomenal job breaking down the corporate expansion into the highly lucrative intelligence domain and the revolving door that’s grown between them and the American government which is now systematically gutting the agencies that epitomized such activities and leaving them with uncertain futures.

An extremely absorbing read providing an eye-opening window into the US government’s insatiable appetite for more and more access to the world’s telecommunications and lack of any true oversight or even capability to process the volumes and varieties of information they’re collecting.