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UNESCO site: Socotra Archipelago [Video]

Located approximately 150 miles east of the Horn of Africa and 240 miles south of the Arabian Peninsula, the four islands that comprise the archipelago have remained largely untouched despite…..

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The Knights of Malta: Life after Malta

With their expulsion by Napoleon’s forces at the beginning of the nineteenth century the Knights of Malta again found themselves homeless after spending centuries building their island kingdom. However it…..

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Sites and Sounds of Niagara Falls [Video]

During my family’s visit in April 2011 we made the trip out to Niagara Falls to show them around and grabbed some footage while we were there. Unfortunately we recently…..

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Celebrating Hollywood at Disney World

Over its history Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been home to a number of attractions and special events celebrating Hollywood. During its early years for example a celebrity guest was daily…..