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The final instalment of the Coldfire trilogy treats us to the inevitable evolution of the main characters who have been at the heart of this story since it’s inception. Having at this point traveled extensively with the infamous “Hunter” the righteous priest of Erna’s one god church finds himself defending the monstrous sorcerer for the greater good as they strive to stop a demon from plunging civil society into chaos and war. Against this backdrop the author treats us to witty exchanges and evidence that they might in fact have something approaching a friendship that not only humanizes the damned mystic but teaches Damien Vyrce that the world isn’t as black and white as he once thought, and that even the unlikeliest of allies can come together when confronted with a shared enemy. This however also adds some nice dramatic tension as Vyrce finds himself disobeying the leader of the church and even wonder if his own soul might be beyond redemption. Gerald Tarrant for his part has also undergone change, but ever the more stoic of the pair, only reveals itself through his interactions with the priest. Not only does this book do a great job wrapping up the arch from the previous instalments, even as it adds more, and whole new levels of horror, that does an admirable job getting you to sympathize with some of the most unlikely characters.

A very satisfying end to the series and maybe even a good read on its own, I definitely recommend reading this and the other two books in her trilogy.