Just over a year ago Nicole asked if I’d be interested in running a Dungeons and Dragons game for some of her then colleagues in CBC’s entertainment unit. Only a few had actually played before, so the majority of the group were new to the whole concept having only pop culture references and the occasional i09 article to go by, they were certainly eager to give it a try and see what all the hubbub was about. However given the nature of television production the likelihood that I’d have the same group of players available for each session seemed unlikely. To ensure that we could keep to a somewhat semi-regular schedule, and not simply peter out like a lot of games seem to suffer from, I make sure the majority of the storylines only span two or three sessions. And because it’s a relatively light commitment every couple of weeks for three or so hours after work, the result has been a relatively reliable commitment on part of all the players. However even that can sometimes prove difficult to commit to, so I ensure whenever possible that an “out” is available in the event that someone isn’t able to make it. In some ways it’s even been a boon to the story, keeping things fresh and interesting each session.

The game itself has been structured around the adventures of a Waterdeep guild from TSR’s Forgotten Realms campaign setting, and their exploits across the Swordcoast. This has not only facilitated a varied range of characters being available over the season and a healthy turnout for each session, but a breadth of possible influences to propel the plot forward. Couple this with the decisions made by the characters and the game sometimes feels like it’s writing itself, a sure sign in my opinion that it’s firing on all cylinders.