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Disney’s Animal Kingdom [Repost]

Represented by the Tree of Life the dedication to the park upon its opening by then CEO Michael D. Eisner reads: “Welcome to a kingdom of animals… real, ancient and…..

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Disney World: Magic Kingdom [Repost]

Opened in October 1, 1971 the Magic Kingdom is the first of the four theme parks to be built so far at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida……

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Inspiration Initiative: #InspireTravel [Repost]

When we heard about easyJet’s Inspiration Initiative, and found that it coincidentally fell around our blog’s anniversary, we almost felt obliged to write our own Inspiration Initiative post! We hope…..

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Flesh & Blood LARP post mortem

Recently this book caught Nicole’s attention and prompted us into a discussion about how the last live action roleplay game (LARP) I ran had a lot of similarities with the…..

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Post Mortem with Scott Thompson

Came across this great series of shorts by Scott Thompson called Post Mortem where he interviews members of the Hannibal cast. While it tends towards being light and fun there…..

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The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry: Review

Following the tried and true approach of plunging directly into the action Steve Berry kicks off the third novel in the Cotton Malone series with our returned hero barely escaping…..