Following the tried and true approach of plunging directly into the action Steve Berry kicks off the third novel in the Cotton Malone series with our returned hero barely escaping an inferno as it consumes a Danish museum. Our retired U.S. agent discovers this connected to a string of fires across Europe and the fictitious federation that has been forged among the Central Asian countries by their now Supreme Minister Irina Zovastina. This however is but the tip of a much larger web of conspiracies as one faction searches for the legendary lost tomb of Alexander the Great while another seeks to become the dominant pharmaceutical company of the world. Berry as a result is able to flip back and forth between ancient histories sprawling Alexander’s great empire and today’s cutting edge science. And just as there are stories within stories the plots spiral into one another leaving you guessing who everyone is actually working for who? In addition to the entertaining read the author includes some notes at the end to help distinguish fact from the many fictions he intertwined, and thanks to the globetrotting nature of the book how much of a given locale was based in reality.