We’re headed to GenCon in less than two days — and though we’ll soon go over the things we’re looking forward to most at the four biggest days in gaming, we thought we’d let people know what we’re doing over those days. If you see us, come say hi! And if you have a great costume, that goes double — we’ll be collecting pictures for a gallery when we get home.

If you want to get in on any of these events, search with the code at:

Thursday, August 14
2 – 6 PM
New Gods: The Coming Storm
Union Station : New York Central

8 PM – 12 AM
Curse the Darkness: A Light at the Top of the Mountain
Union Station : Edison South

Friday, August 15
12 – 1 PM
Freelancing and Mental Health
ICC : 211

2 – 3 PM
How to Run a Successful Tabletop RPG Kickstarter
ICC : 210

5 – 6 PM
Gaming as Other
Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn C

11 PM – 1 AM
The Devil Walks in Salem – From Fiasco Game to Film
Westin : Capitol I

Saturday, August 16
11 AM – 4 PM
Pacific Rim: After the Breach
Omni : Meridian

6 – 8 PM
Hacking as Women: Indie Hack Night (* Nicole only)
Marriott : Marriott Blrm 7

Sunday, August 17
12 – 2 PM
Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem
ICC : Hall D : GF9 : HQ

See you in Indy! And if you have any restaurant recommendations, pass them on!