While at GenCon, we had the privilege of attending Grand Guignol Games’ Pacific Rim LARP as the Canadian Jaeger team (CHROME BRUTUS), and were excited to see an amazing setup for our kaiju-fighting pleasure.

Before and after we played, we asked some awesome fellow live-action roleplayers to tell us why they spend their time at GenCon LARPing. The first one — our fellow Jaeger pilots in Nova Assassin — sure looks familiar to us! (We met at ‘Toronto By Night’ Vampire LARP, good times…)


“I met him through LARP while meeting new friends. We’re engaged.”

“It adds excitement and movement to tabletop RPGs!”


“Stories & Play are how human culture evolves. We build worlds at the drop of a hat, who wouldn’t want that power?”


“How else can a hardcore gamer like me get any exercise?”


“B/C It’s fun and I love being involved in story.”


“Because it’s fun, interesting, challenging, and social.”


“Because we forge stories with each other.”


“Fun and new experience.”


“Because the “real world” bores me!!”


“Because sometimes it is nice being someone else for a few hours.”

Thanks to the players and GMs of Grand Guignol Games’ Pacific Rim LARP at GenCon 2014 for helping us out and being amazing roleplayers!