21 minutes read

Time Left to Attend College of Wizardry!

Though we’ve returned with the Czocha Plague, and with somewhat less money than we started with, I don’t think either of us would trade our three days in Czocha Castle…..

2 minutes read

Game Design: Island Theory [Repost]

Recently I started up a mini-series, and decided I’d share my tips on how best to tackle such. With most RPGs, and tabletops in particular, it’s very easy for one…..

1 minute read

How to play a Wizard CoW-style [Repost]

By now we’re in the thick of it at the College of Wizardy’s weekend of live action roleplaying in a Polish castle that’s bringing people from around the world, and…..

9 minutes read

What’s in a Name: Morocco

Perhaps one of our favorite countries to visit, the kingdom of Morocco is found along the northwest coast of Africa and is one of only three nations – along with…..