Though we’ve returned with the Czocha Plague, and with somewhat less money than we started with, I don’t think either of us would trade our three days in Czocha Castle playing the College of Wizardry for anything.


Gary was a mysterious, somewhat creepy figure to the students as the janitor, Nicole went through some highs and lows while saving a couple of lives and shouting about inequality as a muggle-born sophomore healer. We played these characters almost the whole time we were in the castle, with the exception of time in our room, as it didn’t make much sense for the janitor and a random sophomore to be rooming together. Though I bet we could have made something interesting up…

To talk about ‘what happened’ or ‘what we did’ would take more than a short post, and frankly, will take more time for Nicole to process without the Czocha Plague. But there will be more discussion of the game and how it was to play, in a longer post. In the meantime — if you ever wanted to be a wizard for real, or every wanted to play a game in a setting that made it easy to believe the whole thing was REALLY real?

You MUST go to College of Wizardry!

As of the time of writing, there’s still 6 hours left to fund College of Wizardry and get a third larp in November! Go to their IndieGogo page and get funding!

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