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Photography 101: Using Your Flash [Repost]

Unless you normally wander around with two or three external flashes to balance your lighting, your more than likely just using whatever your camera came equipped with. While this does…..

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Photography 101: Portrait Photography [Repost]

There are a couple of approaches – or schools of thought – on the subject of how to approach shooting people, better known as Portrait (aka Street) photography. Taking pictures…..

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Epcot’s Dragon Legend Acrobats [Repost]

During our 2014 visit to Walt Disney World for Nicole’s birthday we were treated to this great acrobatic and contortion displays at the Reflections of China pavilion in Epcot’s World…..

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In the Garden of the Beasts [Review]

Following the newly named American ambassador William Dodd and his family in 1933 to Germany where the Nazi party had already begun its tumultuous rise to power, through to Dodd’s…..