Part two in the Abarat series by Clive Barker, the noted master of horror continues to delve into the fantastical world of Abarat and the adventures of Candy Quackenbush picking up only a few weeks after the events in the first installment. Accompanied by the now freed slave Malingo, the sixteen-year-old Chickentown, Minnesota heroine continues her travels across the twenty-five islands of Abarat, still being pursed by the Lord of Midnight’s minions, who believes her somehow important to his plans for the conquest of the archipelago. However wearied by such pursuit and the danger she poses to those who keep her company, Candy decides the best thing for everyone is to return to her family and the more sedate “Hereafter,” and put the more colourful world of Abarat behind her. Building upon the already vibrant settings with even more outlandish elements, Barker’s world continues to be one where even more spectacular inhabitants and vistas await around each bend. And while many of the questions raised by the first book are answered in this one, it’s clear that we’re just getting to the main plot.

Even so, it was an enjoyable read and am definitely looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.