Set in a future ruled by advertising agencies and their corporate interests that have divided the world nation states into clients, whose citizens are to be monetized and influenced, Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth transport us to a world overrun by consumerism. The Space Merchants is a short novel, and a perfect read for your commute, as it really moves along with a number of great twists, while being pretty humorous at times. Unfortunately the protagonist Mitchell Courtenay is very unlikable, and could be difficult to continue the journey with. But if you’re able to stick it out, it’s certainly an interesting ride as the Fowler Schocken agency acquires its biggest campaign yet, selling the world on the idea of colonizing Venus to people who have become nothing more than complacent consumers. The only deviants are a group of conservationist terrorists – Consies – who try to under mind the corporations and reclaim their overpopulated planet. When you consider that the book was written back in 1953, it’s actually very prescient, and a surprisingly relevant story over sixty years later. So if you’re a fan of dystopian settings, this certainly fits the bill and is definitely worth the read.