Third in a series of Escape Rooms now available at Casa Loma, Station M catapults participants back in time to a Canada celebrating the end of WWII at the palatial Toronto estate. These party guests are in for a surprise however, mistaken by the well-meaning but thoroughly bumbling Agent Buttercup as fellow agents at the ultra-secret Station M, housed deep beneath the gothic castle during the war to fabricate all of the clothing, documents, and sundry espionage equipment needed by spies operating in the European theatre, whose preparations were masked by the comings and goings of the socialites who unwittingly reveled above while the station’s personnel went about their duties in the bowels of the building in workshops and on experiments that would later fuel Ian Fleming’s own depictions of Q Branch in his iconic James Bond series.

While the war is now over, and Station M soon to be decommissioned, one last mission remains. Are you and your group ready to answer the call?

Just remember, especially when it comes to spies, be careful whom you trust.

While the history and location alone might be enough inducement to come out for the experience, Company & Co. layers live actors, full sound, and set design over the interaction to truly immerse participants. Our group was one of the preview groups, there to help work out bugs and test the experience, and as such we became pretty anxious as the hour  began to wind down and it appeared we wouldn’t escape in time. Thankfully, our guide stepped in where necessary, as it was a bit of a mad scramble from the very beginning to coordinate ten people solving several puzzles simultaneously, and not just simply get lost in all the props and staging.

Agent Buttercup certainly deserves a hand for facilitating our session despite the “dress rehearsal” conditions.

Even with some tips and help, we barely made it in time, so be prepared for a raucous ride. The puzzles are a real challenge, and very well designed toward having multiple participants working not only at the solving, but locating of all the pieces, so that everyone felt they were being engaged in some way or another. Even in a preview, this Escape adventure at Casa Loma was a lot of fun, and if the quality is any indication, it’s definitely worth trying the other scenarios.

[Disclosure: Our friend and colleague Fergus Heywood was involved in the writing and development of “Station M.”]

AGES 11+


Wednesdays – Sundays
6:00PM | 8:00PM | 10:00PM

Ticket $36.00 + HST | Prime Time tickets $42.00 + HST