Recently while reviewing Wizard and Glass, I mentioned my reason for doing so was word that the Dark Tower series is finally getting the movie treatment the fans have been holding out hope for. One that was dashed not all that long ago when Ron Howard started pitching the idea but couldn’t secure backing. However it now seems a certainty, with Sony Pictures intending it for release January 17, 2017 and filming already underway on location in Cape Town. Personally I can’t wait until it hits the theatres, especially with Idriss Elba (Roland Deschain) being pitted against Matthew McConaughey (the Man in Black). With the author himself on the film as a producer, and Nikolaj Arcel directing, who was responsible for the Swedish version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this is shaping up to be the movie everyone’s been waiting for. Below is a podcast interview (approx. 25 minutes) of Stephen King and the aforementioned director discussing their decision to start in the “middle” of the series, rather than with the first book, and how Idriss was exactly the actor to tackle this role. The overall piece is a great synopsis of the story, so if you’ve heard some of the buzz, but didn’t know exactly why, this is a nice way to get caught up.