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Murdoch Mysteries pop-up shop (Fall launch)

From Thursday September 29th through to Wednesday October 5th (with the exception of Sunday) the Murdoch Mysteries pop-up shop has taken over the Atrium at the CBC Broadcast Centre in…..

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Tour Toronto by Music Video [Repost]

“I’m from the T- Dot-Oh… Rep it everywhere I go… Everybody from the cold… this is where we’re calling home…” For the longest time, I wanted Toronto to have a…..

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Lisbon since the earthquake of 1755 [Repost]

Misfortune would unfortunately find Lisbon again as they continued their efforts to rebuild the city after the devastating earthquake in 1755 with the queen and future king being forced to…..

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The founding of Cagliari, Sardinia [Repost]

Thanks to its favorable position between the sea and a fertile plain surrounded by two swamps that cut it off from the inner lands of Sardinia, Cagliari has been inhabited…..

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Mistress of the Empire [Review]

It’s actually been a number of years since I started the Empire trilogy, having picked up the series thanks to my familiarity with the Riftwar saga that spawned the trilogy,…..