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Cadiz and the Napoleonic Wars [Repost]

Over the course of the eighteenth century Spain maintained relatively close ties with France, some Spanish monarchs even going so far as to emulate their Franco-allies culturally and politically, and…..

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Cosmopolis Toronto: Interview [Audio]

A little over three years ago Nicole had the opportunity while she was back at York University to interview the photographer behind the Cosmopolis Toronto project – Colin Boyd Shafer…..

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Maha’s Toronto Restaurant Review [Repost]

Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine opened less than a five-minute walk from our house two years ago, and we’ve meant to get over there since then. It’s taken us so long because…..

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World’s Largest: Ice Wine Producer [Repost]

While our country isn’t the first place that comes to mind for wine production, the climate conditions we enjoy – especially in places like the Niagara region of southern Ontario…..

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History behind the Great Escape [Repost]

Ever wonder about the actual history behind some of Hollywood’s biggest hits? Take the Great Escape for example. Starring Steve McQueen, this movie tells the story of the Allied prisoners…..