As people are now wont to do, my office mates and I were trading around different internet content to amuse ourselves with as we make our way through the work day. Having thought many had already seen this, I asked if anyone remembered Trunk Monkey. It turns out a great many hadn’t.

Considering however that it was released around 2003 for the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon, it shouldn’t have been all that surprising. However it did go on to syndication and are the primary source of revenue for the ad agency R/West in Portland, Oregon who originated the idea. This series of commercials has since gone on to be licensed to at least 45 car dealerships across the U.S. and has aired in New Zeland.

I find them immensely amusing, and have heard people actually laugh out loud when watching these, so without further adieu, I present a Trunk Monkey compilation:

The anti-theft one has to be my favorite though.