Located in the fictional kingdom of Anandapur in the Asia themed section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Maharajah’s Jungle Trek is a self-guided wildlife tour that walks visitors through the old “hunting grounds” of a wealthy maharajah who once owned the complex. Ironically he’s killed in a hunting accident with the grounds being inherited by his bachelor brother who decides to instead turn it into a nature preserve. At each of the observation stations park staff are on hand to talk about the animals and various worldwide conservation efforts underway trying to keep them safe.

The trail is typically open from 9AM until about 5PM (or approximately 2 hours before the park closes) when the animals retire for the evening.

On the Maharajah Jungle Trek you may see the following animals:

Komodo dragon


Malayan tapir
Rodrigues fruit bats

Malayan Flying Fox
Blood python
Bengal Tiger

Eld’s Deer
Green Peafowl
Bar-headed Goose
Over 50 species of birds