For Gary’s 2012 birthday we returned to Walt Disney World exploring some of the parks we missed during our earlier visit that year for Nicole’s birthday, and for some more of the Magic Kingdom’s interactive collectable card game that had just come out of beta testing in February. Thoroughly enjoying it the few hours we got to play, we were able to complete the first circuit of the game in about a day’s worth of game play during our second visit, and attained silver ranking after defeating the demon lord Chernabog. With the exception of Tomorrowland, you travel the lands of the Magic Kingdom as Merlin’s apprentice battling an array of Disney villains working for Hades who’s attempting to take control of the kingdom. In each land various characters come to your aid to help thwart the underworld God’s plans. Here’s some video we took while we were there (runs just under 6 minutes long). Looking forward to going back and trying to pick up the rules for competitive play they’ve since released.