Can I tell you how much I hate PDF menus?  Because I really hate them.

Restaurant ownersPlease give me one good reason that you cannot convert your precious menu format into HTML?  It is a text list of food and usually, prices.  Sometimes there are pictures.  All of these things are rendered perfectly well in HTML.  Why do you insist on a PDF?

I can only think of 4 reasons:

You are in love with your genius menu formatting or in love with the person who designed the genius menu, and as it’s an INTEGRAL part of the experience can’t BEAR to change it;

You have a lazy web developer who isn’t earning what whatever outrageous per hour you’re being charged;

You have a relative you have browbeat into doing free web work for your business, and you are lucky you’re getting anything done, you MONSTER;

You are doing the site yourself which I can ok maybe understand but STILL.

PDFs are made to preserve the formatting of a document.  When they are necessary on the web, it is best to make them as small as possible.  Restaurant menus are not small.  They are gigantic.  They clutter up the hard drive.  They are unnecessary because they could be reproduced in HTML.

Argh.  Seriously you people.  Please tell me why this is necessary, or if you hate this too, please tell me!