Second in the World Wide Web series, Watch by Robert J. Sawyer immediately picks up in the aftermath of Wake with our protagonist Caitlin Decter having recently moved from Texas to Toronto, and undergone an operation to have her vision restored by an implant that unexpectedly allows her to visualize the web, trying to not only navigate the world with her newfound sight, but high school, while wrestling with the momentous decision about who tell about WebMind; an emergent consciousness that was able to communicate with her thanks to the implant. However it’s existence has already been detected by a branch of the NSA who are required by a pre-established Directive to neutralize it for fear that such a consciousness would quickly become too powerful for any agency or corporation to safely contain, and as a result be positioned to destroy mankind if it so chose.

The result is a race between the government spooks attempting to shut WebMind down, and Caitlin who believes it could in fact be a boon to mankind, telling her newfound friend to always choose the course of action that betters the world, while trying to figure out how best to protect it. During all of this we meet an almost international array of characters that in my opinion illustrates Sawyer’s range as a writer with so many believable portrayals that run the gamut from a sixteen year old teenager to a middle aged Japanese neurosurgeon. The majority of these characters are also highly intelligent, and so the accompanying tech babble comes with a rather sound technical explanation of the many technologies and sciences that he touches upon during the course of his narrative.

Even though this series is classified as Young Adult I would pretty much recommend it to anyone given the range of characters that the author wove this story around.